Best Security Gadgets You Can Get from Amazon

Home security is something people are always concerned about as no one wants to get deprived of their belongings or find someone you love get hurt. In such a situation, you cannot only rely on keeping your doors shut or use a security camera only. For many people who work, or forget things due to aging or a busy life, getting a smarter way of safeguarding themselves and their home is a requirement. People do not mind paying extra money and go for some high-tech gadgets with awesome features.

So many security devices and gadgets companies out there claim to provide the best security for homes and offices. But being a homeowner, security gadgets and devices add a lot more than just security. Having security cameras and other appliances installed in your home add more value to your property and attracts more customers when you go out to sell your home. So, it is a good idea to secure your home using some simple and cost-effective devices as well.

You can find many of these gadgets online on Amazon. Use WOW Internet services to look for and shop for your security devices easily. WOW can help you save a good amount of money on your internet bills and get you some outstanding features. So without further delay, let’s get you a few recommendations from Amazon:

Honeywell Electronic Entry Deadbolt with Keypad

Honeywell Safes & Door Locks 8712109 Electronic Deadbolt is a good quality door lock that comes with a digital mechanism that makes sure you get a keyless entry system. It can be installed in a matter of minutes using the pre-drilled holes and a Philips screwdriver. The package includes a mounting kit, drilling template, instructions, and an adjustable latch.

The good thing about this device is that you can use a key action to access your home and the ability to unlock the door using a Programmable 4 to 8-digit code. You can use around 50 codes and delete them anytime if you want.

The best thing about this device is that it has electronic digital deadbolts made of antique brass and uses an automatic lock function. This returns the deadbolt to the locked position after you place the door back. It also has the Vacation Mode that puts the f stem into a low power state and disables all buttons and functions until you reactivate them again.

Amazon Rating: 4.3

Kwikset Aura Bluetooth Keypad Smart Lock

Kwikset 99420-003 Aura Bluetooth Programmable Keypad Door Lock Deadbolt can add more to your home security by helping you manage your Aura Bluetooth door lock using a smartphone. This can be done when you are within the Bluetooth range and uses a Kwikset App to work. You can use the device to lock and unlock your front door lock, use a keyless entry that is very convenient, and get up to 250 unique, programmable, custom user codes.

You can use these codes anytime, on a specific day or time, or for one-time use depending on your needs. Also, many other features can add more value to your security and life at home. You can create, delete, or temporarily disable user codes when you are within the Bluetooth range.

When in Bluetooth range you can perform functions like creating, temporarily disabling, and deleting user codes from your smartphone. Also, you can set schedules for customer user codes. One of the best features you can find is getting notified about the lock’s activity and even the lock’s event history on your phone using the Kwikset app when you are within Bluetooth range.

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Schlage BE365 V CAM 716 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

This device allows the users to go keyless and use 2 pre-programmed codes to set up their device easily. Also, you can assign around 19 codes for your trusted friends and family members for added security. The security offered by this device is of Premium-level by using high-end metal construction. The device is very durable for homes and other facilities. The deadbolt uses a 9V battery to operate and uses a dedicated battery-level indicator to prevent users from getting locked out.

The silicone-coated numbers make the keypad durable and illuminate when you press them for easy access in the dark. Apart from that, the device is very easy-to-install and you can replace your current deadbolt by yourself using a screwdriver only.


In the end, one can say that there are so many gadgets available online, especially on Amazon. You can find the ones that are suitable for your home type, needs, and budget you have. But all in all, having any of these recommended devices will surely make your life easy and more secure.

Also, many of these gadgets are not so expensive as well. You can easily buy them on Amazon and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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