How Businesses Can Maximize the Benefits of Instagram

Following other Instagram users is easy. Just double-tapping the heart icon on a photo or video will like it. To post a comment, simply click on the “comment” text box and type your comments. Emojis are included in your comment, too. By following other users, you’ll have access to their photos and posts without having to make friends on Facebook. Unlike Facebook, however, Instagram doesn’t require you to send friend requests.

Advertisers can also use the stories feature to boost sponsored ads. The Stories format is vertical mobile and responds more to user behavior. It’s not surprising, then, that 33% of the most popular stories were from businesses. That means that people on Instagram are ready to buy and are willing to spend a few minutes to read a story. As a result, Instagram offers commercial entities a way to save on branding costs. While some marketers may worry about the potential negatives of Instagram ads, it’s worth considering the benefits it offers.

One of the most important benefits of Instagram is its ability to display activity updates. Not only does it let you view your followers’ photos and videos, but it also lets you see other users’ activity updates. Instagram is equal parts self-expression and voyeurism. While it is fun and exciting to interact with other users, the platform is also a powerful marketing tool for businesses. For businesses to maximize the benefits of Instagram, they should post quality photos and engage with other users.

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