How to Get More Likes and Followers on Instagram

You can find people to follow on Instagram by tapping the magnifying glass icon or by scrolling through the Explore page. These are organized by topic and allow you to search for users by name. Unlike Facebook, Instagram works differently. There are no friend requests to be sent; you can simply add people to your feed. You can view the photos and comments of other people and follow them if they share similar interests. Listed below are some tips to make your Instagram experience better.

Boost posts – When you share a photo or video on Instagram, you give it an additional boost. Boosted posts are essentially re-posted with an ad label above them. They also include a call-to-action button on the bottom. Insta Stories can be short videos that show behind-the-scenes tours or the process of making a product. You can even showcase a paid partnership with a brand to increase its exposure.

Adding filters – The Instagram app allows users to add various filters to their photos. You can apply a pink tint to the photos. You can also make them black-and-white. Captions – You can add captions and emojis to your Instagram photos. You can even mention friends by placing the word “@” in front of their usernames. If you want to edit your captions later, you can also delete them.

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